Redruth History

Redruth History


This chapel, the third on the site is one of the most prominent buildings in Redruth. Built in 1826 as Redruth Wesley, in 1975 it became Redruth Methodist Church (RMC) with the closure/merger of other Chapels.

It stands on the site of a chapel built in 1760 for the first Methodist Society in the town which was probably formed in 1743.

John Wesley visited Redruth several times, the first in 1745, when he wrote on June 19th that they were set upon by forty or fifty ruffians, which included being pelted with stones.

In 1760 he wrote of quite a change:
“So is this roughest become one of the quietest towns in England”.

He also wrote on Monday 9th September 1765
“The room would by no means contain the congregation at five in the morning. How is this town changed”?